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Great photographer, she is professional and keeps it fun! We booked our wedding in Sitges from abroad and didn't get to meet before the day. Estefania took the time to make sure we were comfortable and even brought a translator to help us understand! Our photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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Amelia and Michaella met in Dublin while Amelia was travelling. As soon as they saw each other they knew they would get married one day.

They traveled around the world, they lived in New Zealand and the covid forced them to separate for a while.


The moment of reunion has come in April 2022, they get married and go to live together in San Francisco.

Their passion for traveling made their family and friends mobilize, they have opted for a destination wedding in Spain. Destination weddings are becoming more and more fashionable for many reasons. It is an excuse to travel with loved ones; This type of wedding always lasts more than one day and who does not like a gypsy wedding! It is a good option for couples with different nationalities to avoid having to choose one country or the other.


They chose Mas Santo, a beautiful Vila in Cunit very close to Sitges to spend the weekend and celebrate the big day. Everything was perfect thanks to the help of Wedding Planner PearlSandals.

We had a great time with Punto y coma portraying this beautiful couple.


¿Qué dicen las parejas de mi?

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Nos encantó el trabajo que realizó en la boda de unos amigos. No tuvimos duda y ha superado todas las espectativas en la nuestra. Impresionante el trabajo que hace, es una profesional como la copa de un pino, pero aun cabe destacar más lo cercana que es desde el minuto 0, lo fácil que hace las cosas. Bajo mi punto de vista, no tan sólo hace falta ser bueno en tu trabajo sino también saber llegar a la gente, ella se ha ganado nuestra confianza no solo con su trabajo sino con su manera de ser.

Gracias Estefania, con tu manera de hacer las cosas a nivel personal y profesional, ña vida te va a or bien siempre ☺️.

Alba & Juanjo



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